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Why Does A Dog’s Ears Stink?

If you sense a foul odor from your dog’s ears, it means there is a health issue. A healthy dog’s ears have no smell.

Different issues can be the source of your dog’s ears to smell. The most natural causes are:

  • Wax Buildup is probably the most common cause, and it usually appears when the ears’ self-cleaning process is not working. Usually, the dog is not disturbed by this. If you notice yellow ear wax, talk to the vet, and clean your dog’s ears.
  • Bacteria – when there is a bacterial ear infection, your dog might experience redness, inflammation, and in severe cases, ear pain, and the secretion will be pus or blood. Call a veterinarian immediately, and don’t try to clean the ear. If there is an infection, the doctor will prescribe ear drops and oral antibiotics.
  • A yeast infection is produced when the dog’s body overproduces Candida, and it’s a recurrent cause for stinky ears. You might notice redness and a brown secretion. If you suspect a yeast infection make sure to consult a vet as soon as possible. The veterinarian will prescribe antifungal drops and clean your dog’s ears. Severe cases might demand an oral antifungal medicine.
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  • Your dog may be suffering from mixed ear infections. This infection is when bacteria and yeast occur at the same time. If you notice the following symptoms, consult a professional:
      • The dog loses balance.
      • The dog appears clumsy.
      • The dog walks in circles.

The above signs are usually present when there is a severe infection. Take your dog to the vet promptly. If the dog has frequent ear infections, it’s vital to look for the cause to solve it.

Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears

It’s crucial to have the proper tools to clean your dog’s ears. You need:

  • An ear cleanser. An excellent idea is to use your vet’s recommendation.
  • Cotton pads or swabs to clean the outer ear.
  • If the dog is hairy, we recommend having tweezers as it will be easier to clean the ear.
  • Please don’t forget to have a towel to clean possible chaos.
  • Finally, have treats to take care of your dog when the process is finished.
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Now, it’s time to clean your dog’s ears carefully.

We recommend examining the ears to see if they’re red, inflamed, foul odor, or itchy. If these signs appear, consult your vet as it can be an infection or a plague of ear mites.

Never insert anything in the ear canal. Only use tweezers to remove your dog’s hair. Once everything seems normal, follow the ear cleanser instructions.

Sit the dog and hold the ear flap straight-up and pour the cleaning solution. Please be gentle. You can softly massage the base of the ear for approximately 25 seconds.

Release the ear and press a towel over the dog’s head to stop the ear cleansing from drifting. Use the cotton pad to clean the dog’s outer ear.

Finally, give your dog a treat and repeat the process on the other ear.

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