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Does My Dog Need Eye Drops?

Over the counter eye drops are applied to treat redness, irritation, and dry eyes on humans, but does your dog require eye drops? If your dog is having eye problems due to allergies, viruses, or infections, it’s best to consult a professional for precise examination and medical care. This way, you can be sure the medicine is not causing any injury in the dog’s eyes.

Please avoid using your eye drops since they’re not safe for applying on pets.

It’s a wise idea only to use eye drops on your dog’s eyes when a veterinarian prescribes them. Usually, you can prepare yourself for applying eye drops throughout your pup’s life. Dog’s eye drops are frequently ordered to treat eye infections, allergies, and dry eyes.

Healthy Eyes

Even though dogs have amazing smell and hearing senses, it doesn’t mean they don’t rely on their eyes to live a self-supporting life. Unfortunately, many dogs experience eye problems because of hair around their eyes. Hair can lead to eye infections, irritations, and even blindness.

As a dog owner, you must regularly check your puppy’s eyes to prevent a severe problem. It’s crucial to look for symptoms like discoloration, injury, or segregation. If you notice any of these signs, go promptly to a clinic for a proper diagnosis.

Remember, keeping the eyes healthy is crucial for your dog to enjoy a long, happy life.

dogs getting eye drops

When To Use Eye Drops?

Eye drops are liquid remedies used to care for an infection or flush the eye. The veterinarian will prescribe the proper eye drops for your dog’s conditions.

Eye Infections

Once the vet diagnoses an eye infection, he dictates antibiotic eyedrops. Usually, the treatment is carried out at home. Remember that it’s crucial to follow the prescription from start to finish to avoid any severe health issues.

Dry Eyes

Dry eyes are a common eye problem, and it occurs when the dog doesn’t have enough tears to keep the eyes adequately moisturized. When your dog’s experience dry eyes, he will usually suffer from these symptoms:

  • Fast blinking
  • Popping the third eyelid
  • Red eyes
  • Liquid matter (pus) on the corner of the eye
  • Color alterations

How To Apply Eye Drops To Your Dog’s Eyes?

Applying eye drops to your dog’s eyes can be challenging, so follow these steps to make it easier.

Step 1 Get The Eye Drops

Before applying eye drops to your dog’s eyes, it’s crucial to prepare. Start by removing the package from the eye drops and the cap. Make sure the liquid is ready to flow.

dog eye drop

Step 2 Keep Your Dog Firmly

Bring your dog and sit her in front of you. Carefully but energetically hold your dog’s head and tilt it up. Grab the eye drops and come nearer your dog’s eye from the backside of the head. The purpose is to stop your dog from seeing the eye drops.

If your dog gets frustrated or afflicted quickly, it’s best to ask for assistance. Another person can hold the dog’s head tilt upright, so you can easily apply the drops.

Finally, we recommend checking your dog’s eyes regularly. The more you do it, the more relaxed your pup will be to let you take care of the eyes.

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