why do people clip dogs ears and why dogs lick your ears

When you first think of clipping your dog’s ears, many things come to mind. What are the effects of it on the dog, will it hurt him, do they really need their ears clipped? It might be good to research these things before taking any action.

Some people feel that clipping a dog’s ears is a necessity to help reduce the risk of ear infections and other health issues. But there are also some people who feel that this is cruel for animals and they should not be put through any pain or discomfort.

Clipping a dog’s ears helps to prevent them from getting infections or dirt in their ear canal.

why do dogs lick your ears

Dogs are known for their unconditional love. They show affection through licking. Dogs lick your ears not only to show how much they love you but also to clean them with their saliva.

Licking your ears is a dogs way of showing they care about you as a way of communicating.

It is largely considered to be a form of grooming, but licking someone’s ears can also be seen as an act of affection.

If you think about it, dogs and humans have very similar skin around their ears and nose.This is because we both descended from the same ancestor: the common wolf. More importantly, we both have an ear canal opening called a “concha” which is found in our ear drum. This similarity makes it easy for dogs to lick us without causing harm to either party!

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